Saturday, June 10, 2006

After a long pause...

I thought I ought to update my blog.

Have spent the winter unemployed (but very busy) in Hastings. Was actually a long-needed change of gear after my last job. I actually got to do some conservation work myself, as I volunteered to do some educational work at my local primary school. I also set up some blogs for them, so that the kids can show off thier work - and also the school grounds project I was working on with them. It was great fun and a real priviledge in fact:

Castledown school blog (main)

Castledown Year 4 Blog

Castledown School Grounds Blog

Unfortunately I have to leave them now as I'm starting a new job next week - suit and tie to go with the new haircut - and it's for a government agency so it'll be a whole new world for me - still good money though.

Poppy was telling me how to pose in my new fancy suit:

Poppy is of course the world expert on posing....


At 6:08 pm, Blogger Brian Houlihan said...

You look cool in this outfit. I am enjoying your blog. And I can totally relate to your non work situation. Same thing here. May have to move back to Chicago, better job opportunities.

Brian Houlihan

At 3:32 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More like a cross between Billy Connolly and Leo Sayer.

Not sure about Poppy's advice concerning the hand on hip pose bit....

But none the less a very good Blog



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