Saturday, June 10, 2006

The White Mountains

Last year I went to Crete - and climbed the highest mountain on the Island. However there are an even more amazing range of mountains - the 'Lefka Ori' or White Mountains which are really wild - and quite unworldly. I saw their cloud covered peaks last year and got the ambition to do some trekking there. Meeting the wonderful Elena form Thessalonika made me even more interested in Greek culture - so I just had to go before I started my new job. Heres a photo of Elena and the equally wonderful Aristea from last year.

Anyway I managed to make it out there - and walk right through the middle of the range as I wished. The landscape is really like the Moon or Mars - and many of the tiny plants that grow there are found no-where else on Earth. Apparently the only landscape anything like it is McMurdo Sound in Antartica. I left the Mountains by walking down the Samaria Gorge - the longest in Europe. I was lucky to have this all to myself. The only way out when you get to the bottom is by boat. The people and the music are pretty amazing too. you can find more about it from the French mountain guide Jean who showed me the way to the highest mountain - Pachnes ( there are also some great panoramas of the mountains there). A special place - I'll be going back I think.


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