Monday, December 13, 2004

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Thursday, December 09, 2004

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Monday, December 06, 2004

The European Childrens Farm has a website including activities, costs etc. Veronique is looking for a couple to take on the running of the centre, and would welcome English-speakers to do this. I'm tempted myself!:

or click on the picture below

The European Childrens farm - Check out their website: or click on the picture above Posted by Hello

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Veronique and the 'Oldest Cow in Normandy' she thinks that out of hundreds of thousands it would be nice for one to die of old age - this one was born in 1979 and is still going strong. Cows adore mistletoe! veronique thinks it's like medicine for them. Posted by Hello

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I've been over to Norther France for a few days to sort out some projects for work, and to collect some Mistletoe for Christmas.
The French are so amazingly hospitable they put the Brits to shame. We were shown around by a couple of old boys, Pierre and Bertrand who were overflowing with energy and enthusiasm. Saw losts of castles, learnt lots of history, were treated to succession of terrific meals and even got presents from the mayor of the village where we were staying.
Went on to the European Children's farm at Grancourt near Dieppe to with colleagues from work Colin and Steve, to see our old friend Veronique. She's a semi-retired GP who runs an old estate where kids can come to look after the farm animals and to learn about nature and living together. It's a super place, and again she's full of enthusiasm, and incredibly hospitable.
Came back to England with a load of Mistletoe which we cut to save an old Acacia tree - lots of grand plans about what we might do with it at Christmas.

Got back late Sunday night - everyone in England going down with 'stomach problems' ( English for 'the sh***').