Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Climbing Psiloritis - the highest mountain in Crete (2600m+)

I wanted a picture of myself and the strange cloud

Pointe de Raz - Brittany

One of the most Westerly points in France, and a graveyard for ships - from this point I counted at least thirty lighthouses

Standing Stones at Carnac, Brittany

Haven't been back here for a while ... mostly jobhunting - I did do a bit of travelling tho' went out to Brittany in July - a place I've always wanted to go that exceeded all expectations.. fantastic Atlantic scenery, and amazing Breton Music - checked out the D-Day Beaches on the way. Later in the summer I flew out to Crete to meet up with my family, and climbed the highest mountain on the island - a truly amazing experience. Met some nice people there too...
Some photos follow....